My partnerships

Dark Horse Sanctuary AK Onlus – Equine Work Projects
Vigolzone (PC) Loc. Casa Bruciata – Via Chiesuola, 10

Anita Casabuona, a Veterinarian, is the founder of Dark Horse Sanctuary AK Onlus, a no-profit organization for the protection and safeguard of animals and the environment.
Since many years, this onlus is committed to rescuing animals, especially abused horses and end-carrier racehorses destined for slaughter.
My partnership with Anita consists of running Equine Work projects mainly dedicated to experiential training for corporations, organisations and individuals, and to self-development.

Individual counseling sessions with horses available.

Studio Aleph

Studio Aleph – One-to-one Counseling sessions, Pet Education Projects with dogs and Themed Group paths
Milano – Via M. Melloni, 40

It’s an Integrated Rebalancing Techniques Practice whose founder Arianna Margelli is an expert in natural bio disciplines and a professional educator.
I work with Arianna in some pet education projects, we organize and share the lead of personal growth groups’ paths, and we also run group sessions on specific topics.

Reference location for one-to-one counseling sessions.

fienile animato onlus

Fienile Animato Onlus – Equine and Pet Therapy Projects                           
Chatillon, Aosta

For more than 12 years, I work with Dr. Beatrice Garzotto, psychologist and founder of Fienile Animato Onlus, and I have gained extensive experience in equine and pet therapy projects. I’m part of a multidisciplinary team that, for over 20 years, provides support to clients suffering from various pathologies.