Daniela Davin


Projects dedicated to individuals, groups, and corporate teams that occur in nature and are assisted with horses.
Activities are on the ground only; horses are at liberty and interact spontaneously with humans.
Sessions are experiential, and hands-on exercises are offered according to the project program.
You don’t need any riding experience or horse knowledge.

Modulo I Confini Personali 8/5/21


“Horses respond to the energy of human emotions and body language, offering immediate feedback on intentions, communication style, and behavior.”

The idea to integrate horses’ teachings and my counseling expertise comes from my first-hand experience with this kind of activity and training, which are matchless.

Horses are intuitive, emotional, and authentic animals; masters of self-awareness, they live the “here and now” in actual presence. They make just a few sounds and have a signal system of their body language that is very clear and precise. They can immediately communicate complex information to other horses to avoid predators attacking and catching them.

Unlike humans, horses are prey animals which determines their behavior and offers us a key-to-reading to their actions. While observing horses, you’ll always see them carefully scan the environment because the herd and their survival depend on that.

I love working with them because they’re spontaneous and naturally positive. Partnering with them means dealing with people’s resources and potential as much as weaknesses, yet never flaws, as horses don’t judge.

Like humans, horses are social beings living in herds with defined hierarchies, roles, assignments, responsibilities, and relationships similar to a human community or an organization.

Human and horse interactions have similarities and differences. It can be witnessed by watching the herd’s relationship models and dynamics, drawing valuable lessons for one’s life along with new insights to look at things, situations, and other people in a renewed way.

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