Me, Daniela

Brief Professional Profile

  • Body-oriented Relational Counselor (Certification of quality and professional qualification of services by AssoCounseling REG-A2123-2018)
  • Facilitator in experiential training projects indoors and outdoors with horses
  • Equine Assisted Therapy Certification at Gestalt Equine Institute of the Rockies (Colorado – U.S.A.)
  • Activities Coordinator A.A.I.
  • Horses and dogs handler in Pet Therapy and Pet Education sessions (A.A.I.)
  • Reiki Master
  • Co-Founder of NaturAnimal Counseling
  • Key Account Manager British Airways Plc. – I.A.G. Group

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My work

“The benefits of being in contact with nature and animals are amazing. That’s why I am committed to making them be part of my work with people.”

In my activity, I support people in their quest for well-being. In their path, I help them to identify their strengths and resources to be used in critical moments and to foster their abilities to choose and change.

The added value of the body-oriented approach is that the body offers immediate and straightforward answers and unveils stories and parts of one’s self with fewer conditionings than our mind.

I integrate all this with the animals’ teachings during individual or group paths for self-development, professional growth, and corporate programs or experiential training sessions. It can be online, indoors, or outdoors.

“In online sessions, the wisdom of the body and the teachings of animals remain at the heart of my work.”

Animals are great life masters. They’ve helped me deepen my bond with nature and have always been able to get the best out of me. Sharing my life with them, their example, and teachings significantly influenced my path toward  growth and self-discovery.

 That made me realize I could have lost a lot as a professional if, along with my education and the specialization courses, I hadn’t brought all those experiences and teachings into my work.



My work method: learn from direct experience

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

Benjamin Franklin

As a Body-oriented Relational Counselor, I pay special attention to the body and the emotions’ expression as a person needs to rebalance the mind-body-emotional state to regain harmony.

My specialty is to offer experiential sessions where people can learn from direct experience and face their resources and emotions, experiencing and exploring their Self.

It can be experienced within a training program, in a one-to-one session, online, indoors, or outdoors with horses.

The experiential process may include conversation, listening, silence, and movement. This alternation creates a flow that eases free expression within a safe place, favoring communication’s non-verbal and emotional aspects.

During the sessions, practical and physical exercises may be suggested based on people’s needs arising in the present moment.

The activities with the horses are groundwork only and on free interaction, which means no coercion but based on human-horse cooperation while carrying out the exercises.

You don’t need any riding experience or horse knowledge.



My experience in the business world

“Engage your emotions at work. Your instincts and your emotions are there to help you.”

Richard Branson

In 30-plus years spent in various companies, I’ve had the great fortune to work for organizations that cared about staff training, and I’ve had the opportunity to be in both roles, the trainee and the trainer.

I recall the courses I’ve attended that have impacted my colleagues and myself most, producing the highest long-lasting effects, were based on direct experience whose focus was putting people first.

Creating an environment where involvement, participation, and respect are the basis of the relationships leads people to give their best, producing positive effects for both the company and the results. 

Once I’ve been on a two-day training in the countryside, surrounded by nature and animals. It consisted of various individual and team exercises, mainly focused on own and group emotions, building trust, and improving team spirit. I had confirmation that the training results exceeded expectations thanks to being in a relaxed environment, outside the classroom walls, and with horses as lightness holders.

Training with horses offers excellent added value. As instinctive beings, they have an inborn attitude to go beyond the barriers humans may raise, preventing them from living fulfilling personal and professional relationships. 

Horses’ non-verbal communication stimulates humans around them to let go of the use of words and to rely on their body language, which is an enlightening and unparalleled experience.

Their authenticity gets them instinctively in touch with people’s innermost emotions, offering clues about how to deal with them at best, both for themselves and within a working group.